Nonprofit Standard Report for 2013 is here!

For those in the Nonprofit World here is the latest Nonprofit Standard, a publication by BDO’s Institute for Nonprofit Excellence, which provides financial information for tax-exempt organizations. The newsletter can be downloaded at
and covers the following topics:
Higher Education – Mid-year Update
*Institute Professional Profile
*IRS Final Report on Colleges and Universities
*Nonprofit Facts – Did you know?
*Don’t Let This Happen to You: Disallowed Losses on Form 990-T
*IRS Colleges & Universities Compliance Project
*501(c)(4) Organizations and the IRS: A Little Background on the Controversy
*The Importance and Struggles of Nonprofit News Organizations – Nonprofit Media Group Releases Findings
*New GASB Pronouncements
*BDO Professionals in the News
*Other Items To Note

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